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Castle & Associates is a family law and litigation firm in Calgary, Alberta

With a dynamic and innovative group of lawyers, we offer clients results-oriented and effective representation. As each case we take is unique, we tailor a unique route to resolution for each one. The common benefit afforded each of our clients is trustworthy, comprehensive and relevant legal advice aimed at their specific legal needs.



I'm thankful to have found this firm

"Obviously no one anticipates having to hire a family lawyer in their life, but I'm thankful to have found this firm. I found all of the staff to be professional, courteous, kind, and discrete. They handled my separation as efficiently as possible, and I felt worked hard to resolve things."


We are extremely grateful 

"Castle & Associates took on our case in a relatively unprecedented area of law when not many others were willing to do so. We are extremely grateful that Diann and her staff continue to fight for us."



Our legal work has a direct impact on the personal lives of our clients. We handle deeply important and often emotionally stressful legal cases, focusing on securing the best results possible for those who come to us for assistance and representation. The common benefit afforded to each of our clients is trustworthy, comprehensive and relevant legal advice aimed at their specific legal needs. 

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Family Law & Divorce
Family Law & Divorce

We handle the full scope of divorce-related issues, including custody, access, child support, spousal support and property division. We draft prenuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements and advise clients on their proposed contents. We also handle adoptions, child welfare and related Family Justice Services' issues. Our firm is particularly adept at assisting clients in same-sex and common law relationships with legal issues specific to their circumstances.

Same-sex relationships

Castle & Associates is noted for its innovative work in cases involving same-sex couples and their families in Alberta.

Common law relationships

In the absence of a legal marriage, the respective rights of spouses upon the breakdown of a relationship are often in dispute.

Agreements (prenuptial, cohabitation, separation)

Family relationships, including marriages and common law partnerships, are based on personal commitment.

Custody and access

Loving and devoted parents want, and deserve, appropriate time with their children. When relationships end, the terms of custody and access are a priority for parents.

Child support

Following a divorce or separation, parents are required to provide financial support to their children.

Spousal support

When partners are married or living together, expenses and assets are usually shared.

Division of property

Domestic relationships, including marriages and common law commitments, are largely viewed by the law as economic arrangements.


The lawyers at Castle & Associates in Calgary are pleased to help adoptive parents in the entirety of the adoption process so they can devote their full time and energy to welcoming their new family member.

Child welfare

Family relationships are often complicated. In Alberta, as in all parts of Canada, government agencies become involved in the welfare of children.

Child representation

All family law matters, including divorce, separation and guardianship, inevitably have a direct impact on the children involved.

Grandparents' rights

In many child welfare cases, the role of grandparents is significant. Grandparents may offer care to a child who is no longer living with his or her biological parents.

Adult guardianship and trusteeship

The Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act (AGTA) provides several specific options for family members and those who care about the adult in question to support or replace the adult's decision-making.

Dependent adult applications

When an adult is unable to make independent personal care and financial decisions, a trusted representative may be appointed to make choices on his or her behalf.

Elder Law

Increasingly, the law has recognized the need to protect and enforce the key role elder individuals play in our society.

Wills & Estates
Wills & Estates

We are proponents of having wills, enduring powers of attorney and personal directives. We help clients draft these documents and to understand their implications. We also advise on probate and estate administration.

Civil Litigation
Civil Litigation

We are a firm of courtroom lawyers. We are qualified, through our knowledge and extensive experience, to litigate family law cases in well-established legal areas. We also break new ground in our litigation work, through appearing at the Court of Appeal in Alberta in unique cases.


Our lawyers include veterans of the Alberta legal profession and newer members of the Bar, who have chosen to receive mentorship and career development at our firm.

David W. Chan

David W. Chan

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Agnes Kramer

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Alannah L. Jensen



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