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Spousal support

When partners are married or living together, expenses and assets are usually shared. This is particularly the case when the couple has children, and one spouse devotes time to child-rearing while the other spouse works outside of the home. When a relationship ends, it is common for one spouse to be in a better economic position than the other. Deciding on entitlement to spousal support, and how much, if any, should be paid, is often an important aspect of divorce or separation. At Castle & Associates, our lawyers can negotiate the spousal support arrangement in your best legal interests. When support terms need to be varied, we can effectively argue your case to a judge.

Factors That Affect Spousal Support

Former spouses, or cohabiting partners, are not automatically entitled to support upon relationship breakdown. Courts decide first whether a spouse is entitled to support, and if so, how much is payable, and for how long. Although courts may draw upon the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines to inform decisions, these guidelines are not mandatory.

The lawyers at Castle & Associates can help you to assess what your rights or responsibilities are in terms of spousal support in the context of a separation agreement or divorce proceedings. In an area as variable as spousal support, where many different factors come into play, it is very important to receive independent legal advice before agreeing to specific terms.

As civil litigation counsel, we are skilled negotiators in a courtroom and in out-of-court proceedings. We will take the legal route that is most effective in protecting and advancing your legal rights, and is consistent with your personal goals.

Legal Services: Claims For Spousal Support In Alberta

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