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Civil Litigation

Castle & Associates' family law and estate work includes courtroom litigation. We are a respected and experienced group of litigators; our firm is known for its trial work. Our civil litigation practice in Calgary acts in conjunction with our solicitors practice. As we are prepared to resolve client issues out of court, we are tenacious and effective advocates for them in a trial process.

Courtroom Resolution Of Family And Estate Issues

As demonstrated by the breadth and scope of our reported decisions, our legal team has the intellectual capacity and wherewithal to take on complex and challenging cases. We have appeared in all levels of court in Alberta, including the Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench and Court of Appeal. Our lawyers do not go to trial at all costs; rather, we diligently prepare for trial and proceed with litigation when necessary.

We are experienced with issues such as high-asset divorce, where matrimonial property and its value are in dispute. We also do innovative legal work in the areas of elder law, child representation, grandparents' rights and same-sex relationships. Our lawyers have the ability, in many circumstances, to create new law when they advocate for clients at the Alberta Court of Appeal in cases that question existing legal regimes.

Castle & Associates: Estate And Family Litigation Lawyers

When you are facing a challenging divorce or family law matter, choosing a law firm with trial lawyers who can properly represent you in court is important. The comprehensive legal skills found at our firm benefit you, as you know that regardless of how your case proceeds, your legal interests will be protected. 


We are family law litigators who have appeared in all three levels of Alberta courts: Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench and Court of Appeal. Our lawyers have nearly 60 years of courtroom experience between them and frequently appear before prominent Alberta judges.

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Castle & Associates accepts private retainer and legal aid clients and serves both with equal vigour and enthusiasm. We encourage anyone interested in learning about our legal services to get in touch with us for a consultation appointment with one of our lawyers.