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Probate and Estate Administration

The lawyers at Castle & Associates in Calgary are trusted advisors to beneficiaries and estate administrators in the aftermath of a loved one's passing. We offer rational guidance and practical advice in a time of great emotional stress for families. For those tasked with executing the estate of a deceased person, we help ensure the process is undertaken efficiently and in keeping with legal obligations.

Benefits Of Legal Advice In Estate Matters

At Castle & Associates, we are committed to ensuring the probate and estate administration processes run smoothly. A number of legal requirements must be met in order for estate administrators to uphold their obligations. Among those is the application for a grant of letters probate, which may or may not be necessary; our lawyers can help you to follow the legal requirements that are necessary in your case.

Estate administrators are required to act with fidelity on behalf of the estate. This can include keeping a full and accurate accounting of the finances of the estate and executing its provisions in accordance with the stated intentions of the testator. Our lawyers work with executors to make sure they understand what they are required to do, and that they do so appropriately.

Legal Services: Estate Administration And Grant Of Probate

To speak with a member of our legal team about issues related to wills and estates in Alberta, schedule a consultation appointment. One of our probate lawyers will be happy to provide you with information about how we can help.


We are family law litigators who have appeared in all three levels of Alberta courts: Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench and Court of Appeal. Our lawyers have nearly 60 years of courtroom experience between them and frequently appear before prominent Alberta judges.

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