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Enduring Power of Attorney

When you are incapacitated, due to disability or illness, important financial and legal decisions must be made on your behalf. You have the option, while you are still capable, to appoint a trusted individual to act in your stead in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. This is called an enduring power of attorney. The lawyers at Castle & Associates in Calgary will take the necessary legal steps for you to choose and appoint an enduring power of attorney. As knowledgeable legal advisors, we will also counsel you about the effects of an enduring power of attorney and how it will work in conjunction with other arrangements you make for your future care.

Importance Of Choosing A Representative

When you are mentally incapacitated and do not have a person designated to make decisions for you, a court can appoint someone to speak for you. Although this individual may be well-intentioned, it may not be the person you would have chosen to make decisions for you. As a result, the financial and legal choices made on your behalf may not reflect what you would have wanted. In addition, family members who are invested in your care may disagree about who has the right to speak for you and what decisions should be made.

An enduring power of attorney (EPA) is generally restricted to financial and legal decisions. The legal counsel at Castle & Associates can advise you on how an EPA can work alongside a personal directive, which is a legal mechanism to appoint someone to make medical and personal care decisions on your behalf. As courtroom lawyers, we can also represent you if you wish to challenge or defend the terms of an EPA or a personal directive.

Appointing Powers Of Attorney: Lawyers In Calgary

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