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Calgary Lawyers ♦ Grandparents' Visitation Rights

In many child welfare cases, the role of grandparents is significant. Grandparents may offer care to a child who is no longer living with his or her biological parents. They may also find themselves lost in the shuffle when issues of custody and access are determined, not only in child welfare cases, but in the more common scenarios of divorce or separation. When grandparents have a stake in a child's life, they often require legal representation to ensure their legal rights are respected. At Castle & Associates, our Calgary lawyers help grandparents to assert their legal rights and follow through with their legal responsibilities.

Standing For The Rights Of Family Members

When grandparents are being denied access to their grandchildren, they can apply to the court to receive contact order. This right to apply for an order is contained in the Family Law Act. For grandparents who want to spend time with their loved ones, this kind of legal action may be a necessary step.

As child welfare lawyers, the counsel at Castle & Associates are knowledgeable about the rights of all family members in multifaceted child care cases. We know our way around the government bureaucracy that affects grandparents' visitation rights and in large part determines who cares for children when parents cannot. We are experienced courtroom lawyers who will take the most effective route possible to ensure your access to your grandchildren, while remaining sensitive to the very personal and emotionally stressful dynamics involved.

Legal Representation: Access To Grandchildren

If you are a grandparent concerned about the welfare of your grandchildren and want more information about our rights under the Family Law Act of Alberta, schedule a consultation appointment with members of our firm. We can give you an overview of your legal options and how to pursue them. Call us at 1-800-655-9680 toll free or 587-326-0128 within Calgary or contact us online.

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