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Calgary Lawyers ♦ Marital Property Division

Domestic relationships, including marriages and common law commitments, are largely viewed by the law as economic arrangements. Every long-term relationship has financial consequences, which are particularly evident when the relationship ends. Property gained during a relationship must be divided by law when the couple separates; the law that applies, however, varies depending on whether the couple was legally married at the time of the separation. Calgary families trust the services of Castle & Associates, a law firm with the knowledge, experience and legal skill to help you understand your legal rights and to advocate for your legal interests.

Couples Affected By Property Division Law

Unmarried couples can make a claim at common law on property gained during the relationship. Married couples have the right, by law, to an equal share of matrimonial property. Establishing what constitutes matrimonial property, however, is not always straightforward. A lawyer can properly present your case to a decision-maker based on in-depth knowledge of the facts surrounding matrimonial property and its division.

Whether you are exiting a common law relationship or seeking divorce, the legal counsel at Castle & Associates can be a trusted source of advice and fundamental to the proper representation of your interests in mediation, negotiation or family court. We are no strangers to complex civil litigation, and we have the wherewithal to pursue your property claim in the legal forum most effective to meet your objectives.

Legal Services: Marital Property Division In Alberta

For more information about division of property for same-sex, common law or married couples in Alberta, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our lawyers can help you to assess your debt repayment responsibilities and rights to matrimonial assets. Call us at 1-800-655-9680 toll free or 587-326-0128 within Calgary or contact us online.

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