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In the absence of a legal marriage, the respective rights of spouses upon the breakdown of a relationship are often in dispute. However, even if a couple is not legally married, one partner may be able to claim property acquired during the relationship. When your relationship is ending, you are well-advised to seek the counsel of a family lawyer with extensive experience in common law and nontraditional relationships. Castle & Associates is a well-established and comprehensive family law firm in Calgary with lawyers dedicated to representing clients with family law needs.

Complexities Of Relationships Outside Of Legal Marriage

In Alberta, married spouses are entitled to a share in marital assets upon divorce. This is not automatic for unmarried spouses. However, the law permits a claim to be made on these assets. Common law spouses can also claim support from their former partners. When children are involved, parents, married or not, hold responsibility for the financial care and protection of their children.

A lawyer can give you the best assessment of your rights following the breakdown of a common law relationship. As litigators, we can also defend you against claims for support or assets from a former spouse. Our extensive knowledge in this area, and our dedication to working on cases in groundbreaking areas of the law such as same-sex relationships, makes us a wise choice for individuals from all walks of life.

Common Law Separation, Divorce And Family Law In Alberta

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