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Family relationships are often complicated. In Alberta, as in all parts of Canada, government agencies become involved in the welfare of children. This involvement can affect many diverse aspects of a family's life, including where children reside and who has authority over their care. The family lawyers at Calgary's Castle & Associates represent individuals involved in child welfare cases. We have the sensitivity, passion and legal skill to be effective advocates in your case.

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When Alberta's child welfare agency becomes involved in family life, there are many possible scenarios. Children may be placed in kinship care, where they will live with a close family member, or foster care, where they will live with people with whom they had no previous relationship. These arrangements may be temporary or lead to long-term arrangements. A family's unique characteristics, including aboriginal status, will affect how a case proceeds.

Parents often require advocacy to regain relationships with their children and to rebuild family life. The lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable about the complex issues that arise in child welfare cases, including how to deal with temporary guardianship orders (TGOs). We are strong advocates for everyday people who want nothing more than to create a stable family life. We are respected courtroom lawyers who will work towards the result you need.

Legal Services: Child Welfare In Alberta

To learn about our legal services in child welfare cases, including our representation of children, schedule a consultation appointment with one of our child welfare lawyers in Calgary. Call us at 1-800-655-9680 toll free or 587-326-0128 within Calgary or contact us online.

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