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Calgary Lawyers ♦ Separation Agreements

When a couple decides to divorce, going straight to court is rarely the best option. Commonly, couples are able, and are encouraged, to work out the terms of their separation on their own. With the assistance of lawyers for each spouse, a divorcing couple can effectively set the terms of co-parenting arrangements, asset division and financial obligations to minor children. A separation agreement, once in place, can set the stage for an expedient divorce.

Castle & Associates is a Calgary law firm whose work with Alberta families goes beyond divorce and separation. Our extensive abilities as litigators and our comprehensive work in the areas of child welfare, grandparents' rights, adoption and same-sex relationships make us effective lawyers regardless of the unique aspects of your family's wants and needs in the wake of a breakup. We will help you tailor a solution to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Options For Creating A Separation Agreement

Couples who feel comfortable setting the terms of their divorce can create their own separation agreement. Partners can each also call upon the advice and assistance of legal counsel to advise on whether a separation agreement is in their individual best interests. Lawyers can also help to negotiate a separation agreement, either between the parties themselves or with the assistance of a third party such as a mediator.

Castle & Associates is dedicated to providing the legal options that are appropriate for you, taking into account your individual goals and your relationship with your spouse. If necessary, we will use our courtroom skills to litigate your divorce case. As experienced trial lawyers, we can represent your interests before a judge.

Family Lawyers In Calgary: Advice On Domestic Agreements

To learn more about how a lawyer can help you to enter into an effective separation agreement with your spouse, in particular involving such issues as child care and division of marital property, schedule a consultation with our firm. Call us at 1-800-655-9680 toll free or 587-326-0128 within Calgary or contact us online.

Practice Spotlight

Divorce And Family Law

Family law is a personal and diverse area of law. Family lawyers do much more than litigate the terms of divorce. We are trusted advisors in key legal areas that affect family life, including the rights of grandparents, care of dependent adults, adoptions and child welfare.

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Wills And Estates

Part of effective financial and personal care planning is maintaining an up-to-date will. Estate lawyers, such as those at Calgary's Castle & Associates, offer individualized advice on the creation of an estate plan that ensures your testamentary documents give full effect to your wishes and offer protection to your beneficiaries.

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Civil Litigation

Castle & Associates' family law and estate work includes courtroom litigation. We are a respected and experienced group of litigators; our firm is known for its trial work. Our civil litigation practice in Calgary acts in conjunction with our solicitors practice.

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