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Calgary Lawyers ♦ Cohabitation Agreements In Alberta

Couples may choose to refrain from getting married for a number of reasons. Regardless of this choice, however, the law grant rights to former common law partners to claim property and support from one another. As part of relationship planning, partners who live together can choose to enter into a legal contract that will give certainty during the relationship and set the terms of dissolution if the relationship comes to an end.

The family law lawyers of Castle & Associates in Calgary help couples to choose the terms of a cohabitation agreement. In this way, couples are empowered to set the framework for their own relationship. If an existing cohabitation agreement is called into question, our litigation lawyers can also challenge or defend the contract.

Effects Of Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements, similar to prenuptial agreements for married couples, can contain terms related to property division, assets and spousal support if the relationship dissolves. A cohabitation agreement may also contain provisions for the respective responsibilities of partners, such as shared expenses, during the course of a relationship.

Our lawyers will help you draft a relationship with your partner that is logical and fair to everyone involved. Our intent is to help ensure you are legally protected while maintaining amicability within your relationship. In order for any relationship contract to have legal effect, both partners should receive independent legal advice.

We are effective family law litigators, who are able not only to draft agreements, but to challenge or enforce them in court. We welcome inquiries from individuals at all stages of a relationship to receive information about their legal options.

Legal Agreements: Partners Living Together Needing Legal Advice

To receive legal advice on domestic contracts and the responsibilities Alberta law places on common law couples, schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. Call us at 1-800-655-9680 toll free or 587-326-0128 within Calgary or contact us online.

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